Staring from the first productions realized with mechanical looms dating back to the early '60 – basic typology of stiff lace – following the textile industry constant evolution, our growth has been fast. With the introduction of stretch fabrics, the company has kept the pace with the technological evolution, enriching its production with new and always more efficient and sofisticated plant.

Thanks to our professionalism, economic strength and constant attention to the changing fashion trends, and following our consistent investments in our production section, today we are a rapidly expanding company. We own more than 50 latest generation looms - Raschel Multibar, Multibar Fallplate, Musterpress, Cliptronic, Jacquardtronic, Textronic – all at work side by side with a number of traditional mechanical looms, the only ones that are able to perform specific processing and weaving special yarns.

Our constant commitment and determination to create a quality manufacturing hub at the service of our customers, has led the company to hold a stock service of considerable importance and able to meet the needs of different market categories.